What is life without a good story? I love to tell stories, to inform people, get people thinking about something or help improve their lives in some way. Writing is an outlet for me to do exactly that – and on any level of topics.

My love of writing and marketing started many moons ago, and I had the privilege of interning with a popular local lifestyle magazine and later wrote commercials for television. Eventually I worked my way into a role as a marketing director and moonlighted as a freelance writer. After nine years, I left my marketing career in 2018 in favor of a more flexible schedule, and now am a freelance writer and managing editor of a regional culinary-focused magazine. I am always eager to put someone’s or some business’ story into words that resonate with their audience.


Editorial Management, Copy Editing, Feature Writing, Advertorials, Marketing, Blogs, SEO, Social Media Planning & Management, Submittal of Qualifications Planning / Writing / Producing, Page Design, Photo Editing, Web Design & Management

Clients I’ve Worked With